About Us

Humble Beginnings

MXS was started by an incredibly successful Marketing Director for a large automotive group in Southern California. Frustrated with a lack of options from existing automotive solutions, he created a network of individuals outside of the automotive industry to plug up the gaps left by the industry’s current vendors.

With a leap of faith, he started MXS in Camarillo, CA. Over the years, MXS has grown by delivering quality service and superior results to an expanding list of client partners. While growing, we’ve strived to pull in leadership with experience in a retail automotive environment, which has kept our services grounded in what really matters to our clients.

What next emerged was “MXS 2.0” where we began to move from specialization of individual talents to developing software to solve marketing and website challenges more efficiently. As a company, we’d taken on all the digital problems of our clients as a service model and inadvertently became our own customers when a few sharp developers said, “we can do this better through technology.” Soon software engineers joined our ranks and a new iteration of MXS came to be.

MXS Stands for Modern (X) Solutions, where X is the field on which we play to win.







If it’s a field our team is passionate about, we’ll play to win.

MXS works with businesses and people all around the globe. We’re a fully remote workforce that focuses on autonomy, communication and results. We believe that with the right people, with the right stuff, you need only provide the goal, the tools and support, and they will always come up with the best solution. This model permeates every facet of our business, including the way we service our clients. At MXS, our “sales people” are talented communicators and facilitators who are passionate about seeing their clients succeed. With MXS, “winning the sale” means joining another team. Partnering with MXS means that you’ll have access to a group with all the tools and talents necessary to drive your business forward. Our goal is always to win and our team is filled with people that care about the end results for our clients. The world is filled with work and problems, and we want to work with the people and companies that are building solutions.


Our Services

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Camarillo, CA

Corporate Headquarters

Plymouth, MI

OEM Partner

Chicago, IL

Tier 2 Region Serviced

Columbus, OH

Sales Leadership

Maitland, FL

Chat Partner

Schaumburg, IL

Traditional Marketing Partner

Scottsdale, AZ

Traditional Marketing Partner

Louisville, KY

Tier 2 Region Serviced

Akron, OH

Tier 2 Region Serviced

Pittsburgh, PA

Premiere Auto Group Partner

San Antonio, TX

Premiere Auto Group Partner

Shreveport, LA

Power Sports Partner

Encino, California

Franchise Partner

Malibu, California

E-commerce Supplement & Wellness Partner