Dealer Website Management

It's All About Content.

We create content about every car, with videos, pictures, reviews, and everything in between to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for. Your potential customers will never have to leave the dealer website to LEARN MORE about the vehicle they are interested in. Keep them on your website by providing them with the resources they need to make an educated purchase.

We capture the essence of any brand by creating content and adding it to your website giving you the advantage over your competitors. Other companies offer SEO services with keywords and other tactics that may get you to the top of Google, but what good is that if your website doesn’t have the information, resources, and reviews of the Car or Truck the customer is trying to buy?

“Do you really want your website visitors going to the manufactures site that has “Get a Quote” options all over their site? Now you are competing with the other dealers for that customer’s business, when you had them on your website first! Let’s change that.”

-Marc Dib - Founder | CEO

Leading The Pack.

MXS will make your dealership website a lead generating machine. Stop paying thousands of dollars a month for leads that you are sharing with your competition. Your website leads are exclusive and generate the most profit. Your Internet Managers don’t have to give away any more cars! When you buy a lead from a 3rd party source, the customer is getting offers from everyone! Best price wins. Stop losing money selling your vehicles.

We create custom coupons for specific dealer specials, as well as put on Weekend ads when the weekend starts, and take them off when the weekend ends. You will never go a weekend without your ads being on your website for customers to see. News from the manufacturer? A new model coming out? We find out before the dealer does typically and create the custom pages for everyone to see.

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Custom Banners

If you have weekly specials don't send the design to some marketing agency. Have them done by our team of designers ready to make custom banners for your specials, events, and holidays.

Facebook and Google Banner
New Car Model Banner
New Inventory Banner
Used Vehicles Banner
We Want Your Car Banner
No Payment Banner

Our Services

  • Content Creation

    Content Creation

    We create content for each and every single car coming off the line so you can maximize the chances you have of selling the vehicle to a visitor. With strategically placed content forms, phone numbers, graphics and more you will convert clicks into sales!

  • Custom Banner and Graphics

    Custom Banners and Graphics

    With our custom graphics and banners your website will be eye-catching and interesting. By putting new offers in front of visitors on a daily basis you will maximize your potential customers interest in your dealership.

  • built in seo

    Built in SEO

    With our state of the art SEO techniques we will be able to turn your page into a highly ranked SEO powerhouse. By creating pages with the correct terms, we will have you ranking higher than your competitors.

  • Dealer Coupons and Specials

    Coupons and Specials

    We will create your coupons and specials so your website will be filled with offers and incentives for your current customers to take advantage of, and so your future customers know that you care.