Digital Marketing

With our Digital Marketing Services you will be able to expand your presence online. Utilizing the right Campaign for your business we will be able to maximize your ROI and keep your marketing efforts profitable.

Digital Marketing this Century

Our founder’s pervasive rule has been that we don’t take people’s money, we accept payment for helping our partners win. This has forced every individual employed at MXS to care about what our client is trying to achieve by first consulting with them about their goals and current strategies. This often involves conversations surrounding business practices and infrastructure, because it doesn’t do any good to drive orders and leads to products that can’t be delivered. We believe in zero waste and only run campaigns that we think will work to avoid a negative effect on the overall business.

MXS ensures maximum results for our partners by developing a custom strategy for each client based on their primary market and inventory. All advertising is pointed to the most relevant landing pages to help lower cost and generate better conversion rates, and if a suitable landing page doesn’t exist, then we’ll work to create one. Campaigns and strategy are also optimized to maximize the engagement rate with the website once arriving.

Digital Marketing by MXS

With digital marketing trends always changing, we are constantly analyzing account performance and making proactive recommendations for our clients, and we heavily test all new products and features as they become available within advertising platforms before introducing them to our partners.

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Digital Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We’ve seen it all, from hosting companies charging $500 a month to “amplify their signal” on search engines (whatever that means) to dealerships paying $9,000 a month for what amounted to “we may or may not be making changes to your site.” We keep it simple. We develop a comprehensive list of keyword and location combinations that will drive success for your business. Then we optimize your content to match user intent for keyword groups. While we rely on software to provide data based on search patterns, ol’ fashioned elbow grease and organic content is what makes it happen. There are no secrets or back-alley tricks to help you increase your rankings. Anyone who tells you they can “fool” Google should just remind you of what happened to JC Penny. Our SEO strategy is a monthly cycle of analyzing your current ranking performance, making adjustments based on data, creating content, fixing technical site issues, and tracking results. Over and over again. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy that requires dedicated effort over a period of time - MXS is a partner for the long term.

  • Display Marketing

    Want brand awareness? Strategic product placement? Targeting abandoned carts? We’ve got you covered. Videos and Imagery are dominating the internet like never before and we offer campaigns to span the gamut, from targeted plays on niche audiences, to market concept testing, to developing brand identity. Our creative marketing team is here to help. At times we act as a marketing department for our clients and other times a supplemental support to bolster an existing marketing team. If you’re not sure what is right for your business we offer consultation for entities in all stages of development.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Facebook and Instagram campaigns are our thing. Despite the privacy debacle of 2018 we’re still winning our clients new business on social channels. While we prefer to take a coaching role for social content, paid marketing via social media is a huge driver for businesses that can leverage their brand stories. For those driven by lifestyle association, social media should be the primary marketing channel. Let us help you tell your story and attract the audience that resonates with your brand.

  • Digital Video
    (YouTube, OTT, CTV)

    Now you're showing up in searches, speaking to your audience, and establishing brand identity, but you need to stay top of mind. The best way is to place your brand in the media your audience loves. Connected TV & Over The Top video marketing takes traditional commercials and adds efficiency. On streaming networks not everyone sees the same commercial just because they watch the same show. This allows us to target the right commercial at the right audience based on their searches, what videos they watch, and even what articles they read.

  • Search Engine Marketing
    (Paid Search)

    Here at MXS we understand that Organic and Paid Search Marketing strategies should always work in harmony. So we've combined our hands-on approach with bleeding-edge technology to maximize your return on investments across BING and Google. Unlike some vendors our management style is NOT "set it and forget it", we develop our landing pages attention to detail and we manage post-click actions with care to ensure all of our partners' money is driving the results that they’re after.