Exceptional Websites

MXS specializes in leveraging digital properties to generate leads for B2C clients. We come from a rich and diverse history of content creation, digital marketing, and after click optimization with a focus on generating leads for our clients.

We’ve built custom websites on various e-commerce platforms and now our own. We’ll choose the most cost efficient and suitable technology to deliver for your business needs.

Unlike many other website production companies, our roots did not originate in building software. When MXS was founded our core business was to help our clients improve the performance of their pre-existing sites. We experienced the exact same pain that many of our clients feel —that many website providers and freelance developers simply do not understand what it takes to run a successful website from the perspective of the business that they are serving. They are able to create a page and make it look “pretty” but they do not understand how to take a website from conception to launch in such a way that positions that business for overall success.

Having endured this struggle on behalf of our clients and markets and business consultants, we worked alongside our software development team to ensure that we focused on long-term client success as a core value. At MXS, we strive to build software that meets both the technical needs of a website AND creates value to boost the online strength of any business that we work with. As a result, all of our processes and procedures center around creating the software that you need while also working to build something that will ultimately drive long-term business success.

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